This past weekend I had a Girl’s Day Out with a couple of my friends. One of the things we did was go to an Open House at a metaphysical store. This store has everything from belly dancing supplies to palm reading kits. Tarot cards, crystals, voodoo dolls – a wide range of many interesting things, especially to a writer with an overactive imagination. I had my first tea leaf reading and it was very positive and intriguing. The woman reading the leaves didn’t know my question, but still the leaves expressed quite a few things that were very positive for what I wanted to know. As an added bonus my luck area had a lot of leaves on it. The next day I won a sweet Gothic Victorian gift package from author O.M. Grey.

While I waited for my friend to get her reading done I got a chance to chat with my other friend and people watch. People watching (and discreetly eavesdropping) is one of my favorite things. It really kicks my creativity into high gear. While I have been in the store before, there were only a few other customers there during my previous visits. This time there were many customers as well as people working at the event doing various kinds of readings and classes. At one point the woman who taught a class on how to read a crystal ball sat next to me and you can probably imagine that some of the people wandering about were dressed rather interestingly. My favorite overheard conversation, between an author and customer, went something like this:

“What’s your book about?”


“Oooh. Energy vampires?”

“No, the regular kind, like Dracula.”

Do you like people watching? Have you overheard any interesting conversations lately?


7 thoughts on “People Watching

    1. I love picking up snippets of characters from real people, then combining a bunch of traits into one, funky character.

  1. Regualr meaning they didn’t sparkle (Twilight) or were sexy (Sookie Stackhouse sort) ? That’s hilarious. Yes, I have heard some funny stories just sittin gon a mall bench 🙂

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