Since this blog is brand new I decided it was time to introduce my writing buddy, Cooper. As I settle down with my cup of coffee to write each morning this is what I see when I look around my laptop screen. Many of my author bios state that I often write with a Golden Retriever napping nearby – and here’s the proof.

Cooper will be 5-years old on March 1st and he is my almost constant companion. The mischievous little “brother” to my two, human children. He was my birthday present about 4 1/2 years ago and, believe it or not, my first dog. Now I can’t imagine my life without him.

His favorite things to do are play tug o’ war, chase squirrels, go for rides, swim and, of course, nap. He considers any toy labeled “durable” or “non-destructible” as a challenge. The people at the vet’s office have nicknamed him “Spaz” because he loves to go there and greets everybody with kisses and whole-body wiggling tail wags. It doesn’t matter if he gets a shot, as long as they pet him and give him a beefy treat afterward, he loves them. He also has a beautiful smile, but he wasn’t up for showing it while I was taking these pictures.

Do you have a furry sidekick?

12 thoughts on “My Writing Buddy

    1. I’m not sure precious quite describes him most of the time, but then again, they’re all cute when they’re sleeping aren’t they? 😉 I think he’s tired from picking on everybody so much yesterday.

    1. Awwww, pets are so much fun! He also reminds me to get up and take a break once in awhile, usually to get him a treat or go outside and play. 🙂

    1. Yes. He’s my furry sidekick. He used to ride shotgun when I had my old minivan. Now he’s the King of the backseat of my extended cab truck. 🙂

  1. I have had dogs around me as long as I remember. Grew up with daushunds and now have shiba inus. Cats were in abundance for awhile too but now it’s just us and the doggies. Cooper is a beautiful dog and what soulful eyes.
    You have a wonderful companion, Janel. Gotta share this with Twitter!

    1. I actually grew up with rabbits as pets. Never quite convinced my parents to keep one in the house, but there was one that made frequent visits. Thanks for sharing on Twitter!

  2. Janel–I’ll say it again–Cooper is a handsome boy. And I think MOST Goldens are “spazzy” when the see there is a chance for attention (or treats).

    I have Foley–our dog–and Huey, who is our foster dog. They’re both seniors (12+) but still have lots of life left in them when it comes to playing ball. As far as helping me with my writing, they’re not usually available. 😉

    Janel–If you want to enjoy a calendar full of naked blondes (okay, no Brad Pitts–the naked ones are Goldens), go to We’re selling our 2013 rescue calendar, and all the dogs featured are rescued…In other words, they are all “throw away” dogs, but they are gorgeous and happy dogs now, thanks to finding their forever homes.

    (They also make a wonderful gift, because the whole price of the calendars goes to rescue. The photography was donated by a Purina photographer–the pictures are stunning–and the graphic design artist donated her services as well. The families whose dogs are featured paid for the printing through “bids” for the chance to get their dog on one of the big monthly pages.)

    Have a great holiday, and may 2013 bring even more acceptances and publications for you, Janel.

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