I need to drink more water. That seems like a simple enough goal, but I bet many of you also know that it isn’t always easy. I love coffee. I drink multiple cups of it every single day. While I do enjoy a nice, cold glass of water it just isn’t as appealing as coffee to me. So I like to add a bit of flavor to my water once in awhile. You know, to give my taste buds something to…taste. I don’t think I’m alone in my quest for tastier water, since there are many water “enhancers” on the market right now. These often come in the form of liquids or powders, calorie free of course, that you add to your glass of water. Many are brightly colored and, I assume, just a chemical concoction of artificial sweeteners, colors and flavorings. That doesn’t make that glass of water seem so healthy anymore, does it?

I started making this homemade version of a low-calorie water enhancer over the summer. I used to make it with simple syrup (sugar and water boiled together for a few minutes), but this summer I won some liquid NuNaturals flavored stevia in a contest and gave it a try in this drink. The stevia was fabulous, especially since I have a lemon-flavored version. I also have vanilla-flavored stevia and that makes a rather interesting version of this drink. You can also add a pinch of salt. I first read about a salty limeade  in an Indian cookbook and I do rather like the twist. Another addition that I have thought of, but not yet tried, is a few drops of orange flower or rose water. Since those waters are very powerful only a few drops would be sufficient. Of course, other types of citrus fruits like lemons and oranges could also be used.

Do you add any kinds of flavorings to your water? If you do, please leave a comment and tell me what you do. I would love to find some more ways to make staying hydrated easier!

Limeade Water Enhancer
Serves: 1
  • Juice from ½ of lime
  • Filtered water
  • Liquid stevia, to taste
  1. Pour the lime juice into your glass. Add a few drops of stevia. Fill with water. Stir and adjust taste by adding more lime juice from other half of lime or more stevia.

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30 thoughts on “Limeade Water Enhancer

  1. Yes, I love lemon in my water! Sometimes I will also add sugar free pink lemonade to it too. Not a lot but just enough to give me some flavor! I’m terrible about drinking water. I see it as a form of punishment!! 😀

    1. I don’t think it’s exactly punishment, I just forget since it seems like I’m always drinking coffee.

  2. I love water and drink it and coffee just about constantly. But sometimes I do enjoy a bit of lemon or lime flavoring. Going to catch up with you tomorrow – you were my book winner so I will be mailing it soon!!

    1. Oh gosh, I didn’t realize I won your contest. I’ve been so busy being distracted by bored kids that I haven’t had a chance to read many blogs!

  3. I love lemon in water. There are a lot of health benefits to lemon too. The only bad thing is that it’s terrible for your teeth because of the acidity in the lemon. Drinking through a straw helps though.

    1. I’ve heard of people drinking warm water with lemon the first thing in the morning, as a kind of cleanse. You’re right about your teeth, though. I’ll have to remember to put a straw in it!

    1. It’s *almost* as quick and easy as squirting in one of those chemical water enhancers, but so much healthier. 🙂

    1. I do like the Vitamin Water kinds of drinks, too. There is one with coconut water in it that is so good! I mix it with pomegranate juice to lighten the juice up a bit and add a nice touch of coconut flavor.

    1. I hope you like it! I’m actually looking forward to seeing how I feel after upping my water intake. I often forget the benefits of it.

  4. Thanks for this! I know it’s stupid, but I don’t really like water. I drink coffee most of the day & switch to tea in the afternoon and wine for dinner. Bad me. Maybe a bit of flavoring would help me drink more water.

    1. As I was preparing this post I did some research. I have heard many times that coffee actually causes you to dehydrate by acting as a diuretic, but it looks like that isn’t necessarily true. Makes me feel a little better about drinking so much coffee!

  5. I don’t drink flavored water in general, but growing up my mom used to make sodas this way for me using soda water. The only one I remember was apple soda, which I will still make from time to time. I should try more, this limeade sounds easy and refreshing.

    1. I forgot to mention using club soda instead of still water. It seems making anything fizzy makes it more appealing to my kids. We even make our own club soda by using a special bottle adapter and my husband’s CO2 tank that he uses to inflate the tires on our Jeep!

  6. I like to add either straight cranberry juice and or a little lemon or lime wedge. I agree, plain water can get boring glass after glass.

    1. I would like to get a Tervis glass. They are so expensive, but I love all of the different graphics! Maybe that would make water a bit more enjoyable for me.

  7. You didn’t even mention the nutrition! 1 ounce of lime juice contains 14% of your daily Vitamin C!

    I just keep bottles of lemon juice and lime juice in the door of my refrigerator and add a slosh to my water. I don’t mind it unsweetened.

    I also like to drink herbal teas to stay hydrated (and warm!). Celestial Seasonings makes some delicious flavors in tea bags, which I use at work. At home, I like to drink rooibos (red tea) which I can buy in bulk at the food co-op and use in a strainer. It has antioxidants and stuff, but mainly I just like the taste! 🙂 In summer I make a big batch and keep it in the refrigerator to drink cold.

    1. All of that Vitamin C is a good thing this time of year!

      I love Rooibos tea, hot or cold. Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors. It’s so good and good for you.

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