Phew! The kids are finally back to school! I love my family. I really do, but the two week Christmas vacation was starting to feel like it had lasted about two months by the time this past weekend rolled around. I’ve seen blog posts, status updates and tweets from many writers who have been writing over the holidays. I wasn’t one of them. After releasing “Must Love Sandwiches” a few days before Christmas I decided to take a break from writing and enjoy the time with my family. I made a goal of finding a comfortable office chair before the end of May so I can hole up at the desk in my bedroom, with my iPod and noise-cancelling earbuds, during the summer to write. I also set up some more social media accounts. While I couldn’t easily focus on the plot of a short story while my son’s mini helicopter buzzed around me, I could set up profiles.

For  indie writers, a social media presence is essential. Love it or hate it, you still have to do it – or risk sinking into the abyss of unknown writers. So if you would like to keep in touch with me to learn more about my writing or find out more about me, you can click on my social media icons in the right sidebar. Or click here to go to my Contact & Connect page, which actually has a few more sites listed since my widget doesn’t have icons available for all of the library sites. Speaking of those online library sites, I’ve decided to use each one for a different purpose and to house different book collections.

Goodreads – This is where I will keep track of the books I am currently reading. It is the only library site where I will be doing reviews. Since my reading tastes are all over the map, this will be a quite eclectic collection. Also, after looking at the author program I will be doing some fun things there in the future.

Shelfari – I don’t just write  culinary fiction, I read it too. Want to know what foodie fiction books I own? This is the place to find them.

Library Thing – If you look closely at my profile pictures you’ll see there is a bookcase behind me. Those shelves hold my writing book collection. I’m listing those books here.


4 thoughts on “Social Media Updates

  1. A good chair and desk is an excellent idea. You will just hurt your back hunkering down in a chair balancing your laptop. Great idea. Definitely checking out Shelfari..had not heard of that one.

    This new year blew in fast and I haven’t started on any of my goals. Sounds like you have been busy though!

    1. Yes, I have definitely been feeling the effects of not sitting in an ergonomic chair while I write. Shelfari is actually linked to Amazon. I believe, but I’m not positive, that there are no limits on the amount of books you can put on your shelves for free.

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