Last week I reached the half-way point in the first draft of Volume 2 of The Bartonville Series. Since this is my author blog I figured I would start doing progress reports. So, here it is. My first writing update.

Volume 2 of The Bartonville Series will have two “loaf” sized stories and probably a couple “muffin” sized stories as well. In other words, a couple novelettes and some short stories. If you’re curious about my penchant for giving the different lengths of stories a foodie moniker, you can read about it in the About page for The Bartonville Series (located in the drop-down menu below my header). The title will be “Road To The Colony” and all of the stories are actually prequels to “Must Love Sandwiches”. Readers will find out how Emma and Daisy came to live in the artists’ colony. The first draft of Daisy’s story is complete and I’m starting to work on outlining Emma’s story. I’m not sure what the shorter stories will be about yet.

After Volume 2 of The Bartonville Series is done I will start on the first volume of The Pine Lake Series. A new set of characters and a new location, northeastern Michigan, but still with a foodie vibe and recipes. This past summer I started brainstorming different sets of characters and came up with probably close to a dozen series. At this point I am planning on writing five volumes for each series. There were be three volumes with “cakes” (novellas) and the other two volumes will have mixes of shorter stories. Since all of the series are set in Michigan, in current times, there is also a chance the series will have some interaction with each other. The possibilities are almost endless, so I’m using flow charts, series “bibles” and lots and lots of lists and sticky notes to keep myself organized. My plan is to work on several series at the same time as a way to offer readers a variety of character/setting choices, as well as keep myself from getting bored.

This week is going to be very busy, but I’ll still get some work done on Emma’s story. I have really been working on being adaptable as a writer. Instead of only working during certain times and subsequently feeling like I shouldn’t work at other times, I’ve been trying to squeeze writing in at all times of the day. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a writing “sweet spot” that I never knew was there!

What are you working on this week – writing or otherwise?


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  1. What wonderful progress you’re making and I love that you call the stories “cakes,” “muffins,” etc. Keep up the great work. I hope to read your Must Love Sandwiches soon.

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