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So, I am supposed to make the proverbial lemonade when life sends me lemons. Could somebody please inform life that I am one person, not the Minute Maid corporation? I don’t need a semi-truck full of lemons.

I’ve had a rough week. One of those times when life spins you around, ties you in a knot and then plays tug o’ war. Yeah. I don’t want to be cryptic and not give any hint of what I’m complaining about, but I hope I don’t sound too whiny either! So, I’ll do a quick synopsis. Basically my father was in the hospital for close to a week because of a problem that he should’ve addressed much sooner. While I was shuttling back and forth to the hospital a cold virus started with my son and is slowly taking down my family. There are other things happening that are far from pleasant, but I’ll stop here.

I would love to hear about something nice. I rather obviously haven’t been writing or much of anything else. What have you been doing? Did you do anything fun or interesting lately? Tell me something that will make me smile. Please!

5 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good. Please!

  1. Sorry, Janel. Hope your family feels better soon. Unfortunately, I have nothing great to tell, as I have had my youngest home all week with a sinus infection and lost a dear friend of the family who passed away Monday. Wish I had a better week to bring a smile to your face. Where were you last week? 😉

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Karen. I guess we can only hope that things get better! And yes, I’m glad our big weekend up north was not planned for this past weekend!!

  2. *hugs you tight* Sorry to hear it honey, will e-mail you a bit later today.

    As for something good, I could talk about Perfect timing! as I’ve updated my own FB status last night.
    I just bought yesterday a new set of stamps to beautify my handmade letters/cards and “More Love Letters” love letter request for February arrived to my inbox last evening. I can’t wait to start creating and writing letters today! ♥

    1. Thanks, Estrella. I’m sure all of those love letter recipients will appreciate your effort. I’m positive the letters will be beautiful since you are such a talented artist. 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about the lemons in your life. Hope everyone recovers well soon! My recent good news is my students’ English essay scores (both Korean girls, one in Singapore with me and the other just returned to Korea) ~ they both topped their classes. 🙂

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