For the first 30 years of my life I hated routines. They were boring and I considered them a particularly offensive form of drudgery. When I was a teenager I had to getup much earlier than I ever wanted to so I could get to school and go to the same classes in the same order, over and over. After graduation the reality of getting to work on time, to stay employed, brought about more routines. It wasn’t until I had a baby that I realized how valuable routines were. If I kept my children on a predictable nap and bedtime schedule, along with adding in a soothing bedtime ritual, life was easier for all of us. On days where those schedules got upset, long nights filled with fussy kids were almost always the result.

Routines + Rituals = Good

Chaos + No Structure = Bad

Young children aren’t the only people that can benefit from routines. Adding some routines and rituals into your life before embarking on a creative project can be very beneficial. My kids knew that after they had a bath and story time, it was time to go to bed. A set routine triggered a set response. With my Creative Vitamins series I want to introduce you to some routines that you can try before you sit down to create something, whether it be a story, painting or a new recipe. Pick any that sound interesting, try them for a few days and see what happens. Procrastination and resistance can be the worst enemy of a creative person. If you find a ritual to signal to your creative side that it’s time to work, the procrastination will disappear. The first post in this series is coming soon. I hope you enjoy them!

4 thoughts on “Creativity Vitamins: Coming Soon!

  1. I look forward to this series, Janel. Routines can definitely be helpful and needed in most aspects of our lives. I am willing to try some of your suggestions!

    1. I hope you like my suggestions. And that is exactly what I intend them to be – suggestions. Try a few, combine them, whatever you like. If anything works for you, then I’m glad I could help.

    1. Blogging has been winning out for me lately. I keep telling myself I’m scheduling posts ahead so I can get back to writing!

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