How many times have you gotten a brilliant idea while you were taking a bath or shower? Solving sticky plot problems is often a nice benefit of washing my hair. I’ve lost count of the number of blog posts I’ve seen where other people have mentioned coming up with ideas while they were taking a shower. I’m not sure if there is any scientific evidence about why this type of thing happens, but it often feels rather magical. Like creative muses are attracted to water. Showers and baths are, of course, great ways to coax out your water borne creativity. But there are drier ways to incorporate water into a creative routine.

The sound of running water can be very relaxing. A soothing form of background music while you are creating. Have you ever taken a vacation at a beach and felt yourself relax as soon as you heard the rush of the surf? Sitting within earshot of a beach or bubbling stream would be wonderful, but let’s face it, that isn’t possible for many of us. A fountain is a great alternative. You could put one outside or get a small tabletop model for inside. Since spring is here, fountains will be easy to find in garden centers now. You could even do a bit of research and design your own. There are many instructions for how to do that on the internet.

You can also try drinking water as part of a creative ritual. As you drink the water tell yourself that it is time to create. When you are well-hydrated you think and feel better, too. If the health aspect of this interests you, try researching drinking hot water with lemon (here’s a link to one article) or water mixed with raw apple cider vinegar. I’ve seen people talking about doing these things as a way to cleanse your body and aid in digestion. I have never tried either, so I can’t vouch for the health benefits, but I have seen many people mention that they feel better from regularly doing one or the other.

Do you find water boosts you’re creativity? Please leave a comment and tell me if you use any of these techniques on a regular basis.



6 thoughts on “Creativity Vitamin: Water

  1. I usually find my muse likes to visit me right as I’m laying down for bed at night or as I’m waking up and still partially sleepy

  2. Water most definitely helps me. As a matter of fact, I got the idea for one of the characters in my first novel while I was in the shower. I very much agree with you, Janel–drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps my brain focused. Great post.

    1. The trick for me has always been remembering everything I think of when I don’t have access to a computer or notepad – like in the shower! Many times I’ve sat down at my computer with my hair soaking wet, wrapped in a towel.

  3. Great idea. I recall so well, how my vacation in Sicily went, how relaxed, care-free and inspired I was at a beach (both rocky and sandy shore).
    With the noise I am fed up with from work I don’t want to listen to anything when I’m at home, but even a picture of the beach that I took, set as a background image is a good source of inspiration in the moment.

    PS: Thanks for the reminder that I should drink some water *goes off to pour a glass*

    1. I hadn’t thought about a picture of water, but you’re right! I have some great pictures of mountain streams that I took a few years ago. I should print some of those out.

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