Several years ago I participated in a challenge where I wrote a new flash fiction story every day for a month. Since many of those were really micro stories, the tiny sibling of flash fiction, I decided I might as well publish them on a blog. So I started Microcosm J on Tumblr. After about a dozen posts it fell by the wayside as I focused on longer stories once the challenge was over.

As I have been writing the second book in the Bartonville Series, “Road to the Colony”, I noticed that all of my stories where short of the word count goal. Years of writing flash fiction has left me with a tendency to write sparse, bare-bone first drafts. I always add in description and detail as I rewrite and edit, instead of taking it out. So, I decided, why not practice those skills in a creative way? I have brought Microcosm J back to life, but this time I’ll be writing vignettes instead of micro stories. Basically they’ll be small stories, rich in description, but lacking the beginning, middle and ending plot structure of a traditional flash fiction story. If you’re interested, or possibly confused, by the concept stop in and see what I’m doing. The vignette Sunlight is also a companion piece to one of the novelettes coming in “Road to the Colony”.

 Microcosm J


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