The end of the school year, that is. My family had a wonderful, long holiday weekend culminating in a picnic with my son’s RC airplane club. There we were honored to spend the afternoon with military veterans, a very fitting way to spend Memorial Day.

Today the kids are back in school and a bit of panic on my part has set in. There are six school days left. My mind feels a bit like a rubber ball bouncing around the house. There are so many things I want to do, so many projects to keep on track over the summer. And we all know how distracting summer is. There is beautiful weather to enjoy, vacations to take and bored children to occupy. Sticky notes are gathering around me. If they were living creatures I would be more than a bit alarmed at the pace at which they are multiplying.

As a result, my to-do lists are constantly shifting. I use a date book faithfully to keep track of things I need to get done, but as new things pop into my mind old goals have to shift. So now I’m writing the moveable tasks onto sticky notes. Specifically on 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 inch notes with the sticky strip running along the right edge. Then I cut the note apart into strips with one task per strip. An index card acts as the “holding pen” for the tasks. Now I can add and rearrange to my obsessive heart’s content.

What are you doing to prepare for summer? Do you have any good ideas to keep on track?

2 thoughts on “The End Is Near

  1. My sticky notes have all disappeared. LOL After the 2013 Gaithersburg Book Festival moderating for a poetry panel last month, I’m taking this week and part of next to get back to things that have languished, but also to have some fun with the family.

    1. I’ll be spending a week with my entire family after the kids get out of school. For now I’m scrambling to get everything done that I want to while I still have some alone time.

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