Last week was the first full week of summer vacation for my kids and my husband had the week off from work too.  There’s nothing like starting the summer, which always disorients me and my writing, with a bang. While I flounder around trying to come up with a new writing and blogging routine I thought I’d share some photos of how we ended our vacation – The Heritage Coast Grand Prix (Tawas, MI) put on by the Offshore Powerboat Association. These pictures are from practice and the block party. We had other plans for Sunday, so unfortunately we didn’t get to see the races. Still it’s great fun to watch the boats flying past the pier and then check them out up close in the evening.

What have you done so far this summer?

Sand Sculpture
In The Pits
Trailer That Turns A Boat Into A Billboard!
A Crane Is Used To Launch Some Of The Boats
Getting Ready
Up To Speed
Driver Autographs At The Block Party

4 thoughts on “Splash, Zoom…O.P.A.!

    1. Yes, it was fun and not too hot at all. We saw a man working on the sand sculpture the day before I took the pic. Definitely a unique talent!

  1. What a blast!! You have some nice places to go for outdoor entertainment, Janel. Hopefully you will get back to your writing groove with summer activities and all. But heck, with events like this to go to I would be thrilled. Thanks for sharing such great photos.

    1. I have a “weekend” file on my computer, where I save things that I find that we can do on the weekend. We all seem to get wanderlust on Saturday and Sunday. 🙂

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