Sometimes it feels like the universe is working against you and sometimes the universe hands you a big, juicy helping of creative inspiration.

For the last two weeks I’ve felt like the universe has had a vendetta against my writing. So. Many. Distractions. This morning, the beginning of a new week, I woke up and realized I’ve actually been filling my creative “well” with images and stories that I can draw from when I write.

The man with symmetrical, matching tattoos on his forearms and calves interspersed with more random tattoos. What is the significance of the matching ones? The older woman who spends hours sitting on a towel on the end of the dock, whether it’s cold and windy or unbearably hot and sunny. Does the sun, the water or something else draw her out every day? Nik Wallenda walking on the “skywire” across the Grand Canyon. Is there some kind of genetic mutation that has driven seven generations of his family to risk their lives walking on tightropes? Spotting the first fireflies of summer cavorting outside my bedroom window last night. How amazing is it that a mere bug can produce light from within its body? Having a cherry tree filled with a bumper crop over the weekend and waking this morning to find all of the cherries gone. How many birds and squirrels did it take to eat all of that fruit so quickly?

Those are just some of the things that have landed in my mind over the last few weeks. Which ones will appear in future stories and which ones will ripen and turn into something new? I’m not sure, but that’s all part of the fun of being creative, isn’t it?

Have you found anything that has recharged your creativity recently?

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