A very common piece of advice for writers is: Write what you know. Apparently the writing muses are telling me to write about storms. Last month we had a nasty storm pass through that left our yard filled with broken branches, our neighbors’ tree uprooted, the electricity out and similar damage to many other houses in the area.

Last night a line of thunderstorms passed through and the tree in our backyard got struck by lightning!

Around 5:30 a.m. the whole house lit up with white light from the strike while it sounded like something had exploded in the back yard. Of course our lights went out, then came back on. Well, some of them came back on. It took an electrician quite a few hours to sort that out. My family and I are all fine, but all of our phones and the garage door opener are toast.

The tree roots went underneath our dog kennel (Cooper was safely inside!). As you can see, one of the cement paver bricks that make up the kennel floor exploded with chunks ending up at least 20 feet away. There are bits of bark that exploded from the tree all over the yard too. The power from that one bolt of lightning was amazingly scary. So if you hear a thunderstorm approaching please take cover – and not under a tree!

6 thoughts on “And Then Mother Nature Said, “Bam!”

  1. Wow, amazing. So glad your dog was not inside that kennel! I would never have even thought of how the electricity would travel along the roots of the tree, but that makes sense. The tree looks like it’s bleeding.

    1. Unfortunately there is a crack into the wood along that line of missing bark. Not sure if the big, old tree is going to make it. 🙁 Also found out a previous owner of our house had wires running underground near that tree for some long gone light fixture. That’s how the electricity made it into our house. It was a crazy, chaotic morning yesterday!

  2. Watch out for that tree now because it could fall…eventually…now that it’s weakened by the jolt of electricity. That is scary stuff. Happy to hear your family is fine and no one was hurt. I’ll bet Cooper jumped in the bed when that thing struck!!

    We have rain again today (I am gritting my teeth saying it) and this is about day 30 of 36 with rain.

    1. Yes, we’re afraid the tree won’t make it and it is huge. Unfortunately since it didn’t come down from the strike, the insurance won’t pay to have it cut down proactively. We got quite a bit of rain from the storm, but nothing like what you’re getting. What a gloomy summer for you guys!

  3. Oh, so glad to hear you’re all okay!

    I dislike thunderstorms as well. When they happened here a few times our TVs (yes, plural), my PC and then the digital tv mediabox were toast… “fun” to replace.

    1. Storms don’t usually bother me, but that lightning bolt sure did! Definitely got a lesson in unplugging things when a storm is on the way. Not sure if I mentioned it in the blog post, but what we thought was just a TV router out turned out to be a fried Wii video game console. 🙁

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