This is how most dogs search for minnows and other underwater treasures.

This is how Cooper does it.

I always call Cooper my writing companion. Now I’m taking life cues from him. Sometimes you need to take a different approach.

Summer brought about the usual sporadic blogging and social media contact that I’ve come to expect from the season. I’m a mom and a writer, but the scale tips heavily toward the mom side when the kids are home 24/7, as it should. I didn’t write a lot of new material, but I read many books on writing with subjects ranging from how to plot a novel to handling negative reviews. As often happens, all of the new knowledge bits collided and mingled to form something different and exciting.

Today was the first day of school for my kids. My outlook is shiny and new too, just like the school year. I’m going to take Cooper’s lead and do things differently. How can you know what works best if you don’t try new things? Have you decided to try anything new recently?

8 thoughts on “Taking A Different Approach

  1. You are absolutely correct, Janel. Last week, I started writing a story that is completely different from my usual genre. Different POV, tense, everything. I’m lovin’ it. It’s very freeing. Good luck!

    1. Sounds like you’re having fun! I think it’s just the perfect time of year to make new plans, a carry over from when we went to school.

    1. He does, but sometimes he’s a little too successful in his searches. You have to watch your toes, especially if you have nail polish on!

  2. While reading The Happiness Project (way late since it came out since I could only now afford it), I started “putting myself in jail” regarding my writing. I usually let myself get up and do something else when inspiration doesn’t strike, but having had a little time off from work and wanting to fully take advantage of it, that was history. I followed Gretchen Rubin’s lead and put myself in jail, not allowing myself to get up unless I wrote. Even if it meant writing something else, like replies or such, it was still writing which needed to get done.
    Of course this doesn’t *always* work, but it was interesting to try and good to see it can work.

    Yay for the kids being back in school. I was starting to really miss reading you on a more regular basis (even though I’ve become awful at commenting since working at the current place.)

    But sending huge hugs!

    1. I like the jail idea. I can’t really stay in bed now that the kids are in school, but I can make sure I don’t check any social media accounts until I write something. I’m still getting back into visiting. Now that I have the time I find I’m working on writing more than networking!

  3. Oh my, Cooper is so stinkin’ cute! How I wish we could all have moments of abandon like this.
    I haven’t tried anything new recently and sure need that push about now.

    1. Cooper’s tail wags constantly when he’s playing in the water. Considering his tail is also always drenched, it’s like an automatic sprinkler system of happiness. 🙂

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