Last weekend I had the pleasure to attend the Kerrytown Bookfest in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The festival was a lovely celebration of books. There were many authors selling and signing books along with speaking on informational panels, but there were also bookbinders, paper makers and small presses that produce lovely, small print run works of art.

One of the busiest areas at the festival was around the tables that allowed visitors to actually letterpress print mementos of the event for free. While I was waiting for my turn to print an “I Love Books” card (pictured above) I began looking through the piles of posters sitting on the table. These are the two I chose:

I was delighted to see the man who helped me make my card signed both of the prints. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but I couldn’t wait to get home and search for his name on the internet. The personable artist turned out to be Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., a man who gave up his comfortable middle-class life, when he was 40-years old, to become a letterpress printer. Although he is from Alabama, he’s now in Detroit working at setting up The Detroit Printing Plant.

What a wonderful, inspiring man. I am so honored to own some of his prints. Proceed and Be Bold! (don’t you just love that phrase?!?) is his website. If you are interested in finding out more about Amos, his art or letterpress printing be sure to watch the documentary on the site. It’s fascinating.

8 thoughts on “The Inspiring Art of Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.

    1. I hope Mr. Kennedy comes back next year so I can buy some more. I love how the prints look as well as what they say.

  1. That sounds wonderful! I’ve never been to a bookfest but I hope to attend one someday. Heck, I hope to attend many in the future. 😉 I love the posters you chose too!

    1. It is a really great book festival since it has book artists along with authors. There was even a ferris wheel made of books!

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