Stories are all around us. From your first date, to your first day at work, our entire lives are filled with unique stories. We believe that an amazing story can change your life, and that every one of us is the hero of our own story. We created ReadWave to give everyone a place to share their stories. Hear an interesting story today? ReadWave it!

What is a ReadWave?

A “ReadWave” is a short piece of writing. It could be something that has happened to you, or something you heard from a friend. It could be a piece of fiction or an article on something you’re passionate about. A ReadWave is a story that you want to share with world!  

If you are a fan or writer of short stories, ReadWave is a great site to explore. You can find everything from creepy flash fiction to essays with advice on writing. Travel, Food, Opinion, Geek and Diary are just a few of the many categories listed on the bottom of the home page. Of course, you can also check out lists of Editor’s Choice, Latest and Trending ReadWaves.

To me, ReadWave is like a combination of a huge online literary journal and a social media site. Since anybody can share a story on the site, the quality of writing and subject matter is varied. It reminds me of a short story only version of the hugely popular serialized fiction site,  Wattpad. There are even some serialized stories on ReadWave. Readers can “Like” stories, leave comments and follow authors, as well as share links to the stories on Twitter, Facebook and G+. One handy feature is the estimate of how long it will take to read each piece, nice if you only have a few minutes and would rather read an entire story than have to quit in the middle.

As an author you can see how many people have viewed your story, always an exciting thing, and respond to comments. ReadWave will even send you an email when your story has reached milestones like being viewed 50 times or if it is trending. You can upload your own cover photo or pick one from the images the site provides. There are even weekly contests where an excellent story can land you on the front page. Of course, every user can set up a profile with a biography and photograph. You can find mine here.

Have you ever visited ReadWave? What do you think of the site?


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    1. You’re welcome. I hope you like it. I think it’s a very interesting concept to share stories.

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