From the website: We got the idea for DailyLit after the New York Times serialized a few classic works in special supplements a few summers ago. We wound up reading books that we had always meant to simply by virtue of making them part of our daily routine of reading the newspaper. The only thing we do more consistently than read the paper is read email. Bingo! We put together a first version and began reading “War of the Worlds” and “Pride and Prejudice”. We showed it to friends, added more books and features at their request, and presto, DailyLit was born.

Serialized fiction has been gaining in popularity as people have less time to indulge in reading. Daily Lit has a large selection (over 1000) of classic and contemporary books that you can read in serial form. Installments can be emailed to you or subscribe to an RSS feed of installments instead. Convenient delivery in easy to digest segments. You take the time to read countless emails every day, why not enjoy a great book in the same way? Since Alice Munro just won the Nobel Prize, I plan on reading her book “Fiction“.


8 thoughts on “Site Spotlight: Daily Lit

  1. I always thought that serial fiction was a great way to keep up the demand for books while giving writers an outlet to create over time and get more immediate reactions.

    1. I think the majority of the books on Daily Lit were never meant to be released in serial form. The site is more of a way for busy people to fit some quality literature in their lives. That being said, yes, traditional serials are a good way to break writing a long project into easy to write bits.

    1. I got my first installment of the Munro book today and it only took a few minutes to read. I love what this site is doing!

  2. Janel, for some reason I can’t leave a comment on your last post so shall try here.
    Your book so great, good luck.
    I don’t have a Kindle but if I can review through a file you send me, I shall do so.

    1. Not sure what happened with the comment on the other post. I’ll send you an email with details. Thanks for finding a way around the glitch!

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