Daisy’s life is sliding downhill at breakneck speed. Leaving her worthless boyfriend lands her back at her parents’ home, sleeping on the couch. After only a few days she is tired and annoyed. Her parents give new meaning to the term “early riser” and she can’t avoid unpleasant encounters with her obnoxious brother. The only escape from the familial torture is her job at a book store. Her boss finds a solution to the housing dilemma, but Daisy will need to change more than her address labels to make the arrangement work.

This book is a novelette that contains approximately 11,500 words. Two, short bonus stories along with recipes are also included. This is a prequel to Volume 1 of the Bartonville series, “Must Love Sandwiches”. Even though this is part of a series it can also be read as a standalone book.

On November 8, I will be publishing the next installment of the Bartonville series, “The Queen of Bad Decisions”, as an ebook on Amazon. I would love to get some reviews up for it quickly, to give it a little boost and hopefully put it on the reading radar of more people.  If you would like to review this novelette (it takes around an hour to read), please let me know. I realize that book bloggers will not be able to fit a review into their schedule on short notice. If you can add a review to Amazon, Goodreads or other book review sites, that would be perfect. And the reviews don’t need to go up as soon as the book is released. Anytime in the next month would be wonderful. If you do have a blog, I would be happy to set up guest posts, interviews or contests for any of my books at your convenience.

If you would like to receive an ARC (advanced reader copy) of “The Queen of Bad Decisions” to review, please fill out the contact form below or send an email to: janelg.author@gmail.com. The ebook will only be available on Amazon for the next 3 months, but if you don’t have a Kindle I can send you other file formats, like .epub and .pdf.



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