The second book in the Bartonville series, “The Queen of Bad Decisions“, is releasing in less than a week. I have had a few questions about things like: Why is the book so short? and Why is book two a prequel to book one? So I thought I would explain my plans for the series and how it will be structured.

Honestly, that structure has changed since I first came up with the idea last year. At that time I wanted all of the volumes to end up about the same size. So one novella, three novelettes, six short stories equaling in total about 30,000 words per book. Over the summer I started looking into serial fiction after hearing so many other authors talking about places like Wattpad and JukePop for publishing serials. What I had thought was a revolutionary series concept, releasing stories ranging from flash to novella length instead of novel length work, turned out to be another form of serialized fiction. Different than the chapter at a time format that “Ready Or Not” has, but still a serial. When I began researching how other people were writing this type of series I decided to drop the 30,000 word per volume format and add in some shorter books. So people have a choice of story length and price.

Think of the series as a tree. A trilogy of novellas will make up the trunk. The main plot of the series, written linearly, will be in the novellas. Shorter stories are like the branches and leaves. In the case of “The Queen of Bad Decisions“, the tree’s roots. I will be using the smaller stories to detail subplots or give a glimpse into minor characters’ lives. I’m even writing a serial inside a serial with “Ready Or Not” on JukePop Serials. That story is also a prequel to “Must Love Sandwiches” and the main character is a minor character in that novella.

I have seen many people say they don’t like shorter fiction, but I am also seeing many essays and articles proclaiming short fiction is trending as readers have less time to indulge in the pastime. I’m rolling the literary dice and hoping that people will like my series.


9 thoughts on “The Bartonville Series Is Like A Tree

  1. Personally I am a fan of any length fiction. There are times when I know there will be a good amount of time to devote to a fat novel, and that’s great. But for those times when I am multi tasking many jobs and projects a short story collection is absolutely perfect. I dont like interruption of reading and so, a short series is a blessing for my busy times.

    I have enjoyed the stories you have written so far. Let’s hope the movie versions follow your books!

    1. Tina, you are exactly the kind of reader I love! Personally, I feel the same way. Now to convince others that short stories are the way to go. 🙂

  2. Yes, truth is, readers do have less time to indulge in the pastime. And that’s sad, especially because of the demands jobs take on our lives.

    I actually heard my boss ask if anyone was reading in the shop. Like that’s even possible when there’s constantly two-four-five of us in the shop (sure, it was possible in the old shop where we were alone and not many customers came in just to browse, but to buy, so we had less “traffic”.)
    Having the personality that I have, I read the first two chapters of Ready or Not there in the shop – so I can attest to the fact that serials and short fiction are easy and quick reads, while needing to prove that we can in fact still read in the shop and no one will notice! 😉

    PS: this story just makes anyone and everyone want to hire me, right?

    1. I think many people do things at work that technically they aren’t supposed to. Tempting fate. 🙂 So cool that you read my stories while you were being (slightly) naughty. 🙂

  3. I used to read when I worked in retail because the store had slow times. Reading was easy while working when there were no customers. I like all kinds of fiction lengths…as long as they are well written

    1. I think most book lovers find a way to fit reading in wherever they can. I always used to bring books to work with me to read during my lunch break.

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