JukePop Serials is a site that offers curated serial fiction. What does that mean? I’ll start with the serial part first. Stories on the site are published one chapter at a time. Think episodes in a TV series. So you can find stories that are just beginning, with only a few chapters, or complete novel-length stories that can be read on your computer or through an app for other devices. Anybody can read the first chapter of any of the posted stories, but to read further you need to sign up for an account (which is free). Then you can add all of your favorite serials to your bookshelf and be informed when new chapters are posted.

The curated aspect of the site makes it stand out, to me. All stories have to be accepted by the JukePop editors before they are published. Curated=quality. As a reward for writing well, the site pays authors. Readers can +vote for their favorite authors/serials and there is also a monthly bonus for authors in the Top 30, a ranking system based on votes. A nice incentive for authors to keep the writing quality high and their stories up to date.

There is a huge variety of genres on the site. Zombie, women’s fiction, paranormal, hard-boiled detective, post-apocalyptic, steampunk . . . something for just about everyone. The site is set up nicely, I find it visually appealing, with tabs that you can customize once you have an account. On the front page you can see which serials have new chapters, completed stories, editor’s picks and your favorite genres at a glance.

I love the site as a reader, but as you can see by the logo at the top of this post, I am also a writer there. Ready Or Not is a part of my Bartonville series featuring Micah, a minor character from Must Love Sandwiches.

What do you think of serial fiction? Does reading a story one chapter at a time appeal to you?