I had hoped that at this point in the month I would be posting a well thought-out post written in peace and quiet. Unfortunately Winter Storm Ion and the Polar Vortex has decided to extend my kids’ Christmas Vacation another two days. That is after the vacation began one day early thanks to an ice storm.

The kids are bored. I’m distracted. There’s a -28 degree F wind chill . . . yeah. Here are some pictures.

My boys playing in the snow before it got dangerously cold.
I’ve got it!
Snow storms make me tired. Wake me up when it’s over.
Stay safe and warm, everybody!

4 thoughts on “Ions and Vortexes, Oh My!

    1. Thanks! Wish I could’ve sent them out the last 2 days. Driving me a bit crazy with both of them bored.

  1. Wow, you have been slammed with snow! Cooper sure looks like he’s having fun though. We are experiencing colder temps than normal for this area. I didn’t think I would miss summer but yeah….I do!

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