No, I don’t mean the sea monster. Although I would imagine the seafaring Kraken would taste rather like squid and I do adore good fried calamari. I’m talking about The Kraken spiced black rum. A darker, more sinister looking cousin to Captain Morgan’s spiced rum. Considering ye olde Captain is a pirate . . . maybe The Kraken ate him.

I’m not much of a cocktail connoisseur. My home bar setup consists of several types of craft beers, hard ciders and, more often than not, a bottle of rum. In short, I only keep what I love on hand. A rum and Coke, or more specifically a Morgan’s and Mexican Coke with a squeeze of lime, is perfect when I’m in the mood for a cocktail instead of a beer. I’ve eyed the sea monster adorned bottles of  The Kraken at the party store for quite awhile, but have been loathe to spend $20+ on a spirit I have never tried, especially after a disappointing incident with “authentic” Junior Johnson’s Cherry Moonshine last year. The plump garnet cherries bobbing in the scarlet moonshine looked so beautiful. Unfortunately, it tasted like the worst cherry cough syrup dredged up from childhood memories mixed with paint remover. A nasty tasting waste of money. But when I saw this smaller, less than the price of two Starbucks lattes priced bottle of  The Kraken, I decided to give it a try.

It came home with me, along with a bottle of Vernor’s ginger ale. Vernor’s is a more gingery version of Seagram’s, so I’d say my drink was somewhere between The Kraken Cocktail and The Perfect Storm listed on The Kraken website. It was delicious and spicy with a kick from the ginger and rum. I tried a sip of the rum alone. It was strong. I also realized I can no longer pull off my college years party trick of being able to drink shots with a completely, not even an eye twitch, blank face. Nope. That “life skill” reached it’s expiration date a long time ago.

Part of the appeal of this liquor, to me, is the packaging. The sea monster snaking around the label is a detailed piece of art. A rather unique creature staring back at you as you peruse the liquor store aisles. The company takes full advantage of its connection with the mythical sea creature offering everything from a custom Moleskine notebook for sale to an online book with information on the monster and the liquor. As an artistically inclined person, I appreciate a good, well thought out marketing effort. I’m happy, though, that the rum turned out to be good tasting as well as good looking.

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21 thoughts on “Kraken Is Yummy: A Review of Sorts

        1. I know! Kind of want one of everything in that store. The whole mythical sea creature really appeals to the writer in me. I’m even writing a middle grade short story about a sea creature right now. 😉

  1. The last time I had Kraken was on vacation last June. Our son left us his bottle when he was on leave and it’s so good! Different taste than a regular dark rum but it’s gooooood!
    Will have to check out the website. My little pink moleskin notebook is unadorned.

    1. Yes, it’s definitely something I would like to keep on hand from now on. Different from Morgan’s, but really good.

  2. Oh, I have several friends who like this rum, too! Unfortunately, rum & tequila are (still!) no-go liquors for me, due to an incident or two in my early 20s (eek!). I LOOOOVE Vernor’s! I discovered it in a Florida grocery store – I think it’s likely that the snowbirds from Michigan asked them to stock it. One of my favorite sodas.

    1. Oh, yeah, I couldn’t drink vodka for most of my 20s. 🙂 Vernors is one of those soda you either love or hate. I love it. My hubby hates it, LOL!

  3. I don’t drink hard liquor very often, but I do enjoy a rum drink now and then when I’m dreaming of summer — or when it’s actually summer. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. The website has some good warm drink recipes, like putting it in hot cocoa or in hot buttered rum.

  4. Sob. We can’t get Venors here. It’s the only soda that I like. I love the look of that rum — I’d buy it just for the label. LOL. I’m not a big cocktail drinker but a Vernors and dark rum sounds pretty good — especially in the summer.

    1. I think the Vernors and Kraken would be a great summer drink, not too sweet and very refreshing.

    1. I didn’t mind releasing the rum Kraken. Wouldn’t want the animal version in my pond. 🙂

  5. I have never heard of this rum-but not surprising. I was once sick on dark rum and cannot even bear to sniff it to this day.

    1. Yes, lots of great sea monster embellished merchandise. I’ll probably keep the bottle around for decoration.

  6. Hadn’t heard of Kracken, and I rarely drink rum but I use it occasionally in baking. I can see why you like the label. I’m very curious about Vernor’s ginger ale now. 🙂

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