Most of my recent writing has had a definite foodie theme. When fictional characters cook they need fictional kitchens to cook in. So I spend quite a bit of time mentally planning out kitchens for my stories. I have to say, I wish I had the kitchen in the culinary mystery I am currently working on. It’s the big, bright and functional cooking space of my dreams. If I can’t have it, I may as well write about it, right?

All photos by Fawn Deviney for Boston magazine

There is always Pinterest for inspiration, but recently I found a magazine column that made me go “ooh”. Boston Magazine has a column written by Leah Mennies called Kitchen Spy. As you can imagine from the Spy moniker, the posts take a peek into kitchens, poking around refrigerators, pantries and bookshelves. These aren’t spotless, model home kitchens, though. The column lets you look into the kitchens of Boston area chefs.

As expected, chefs have some interesting culinary toys and pantry items. There are photos of everything from antique meat grinders to cheese boxes and muscat jelly. The accompanying interview always has explanations of many of the photographed items and gives a nice glimpse into the life of a chef. I can’t wait to see more entries in this magazine column. Each installment is a luscious bit of culinary eye candy.

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24 thoughts on “Site Spotlight: Kitchen Spy Column at Boston Magazine

  1. I just about yelled out loud when I opened your post and saw this kitchen! I was going to ask, is this YOURS??!! and try not to sound like a jealous bitch 🙂 hahaha…That is a gorgeous kitchen and so light. Love it.

    1. Yeah, I wish! I chose that photo because I think it’s my favorite one. Wouldn’t you love to cook there?

  2. Oh wow. How cool. Thanks for tipping us off to this. The only downside is going to be me wishing I could have my dream kitchen … right now!

    1. I loved the kitchens, but also spying in the cupboards and drawers. So many interesting things!

  3. Great post! That is an awesome looking kitchen! I’ve heard of Blood Orange, but Muscat Jelly? I need to check Kitchen Spy out!

    1. My kitchen is on the north side of the house with only one window. I know what you mean with the light. It’s always a battle, especially in the winter.

  4. I love to look at kitchens on Pinterest as well. I dream of a big open kitchen with lots of light and space to work. How fun to dream up a kitchen for your characters. 🙂

    1. I love to dream up kitchens. Although I’m always amazed at how much some remodels cost when I watch them on HGTV!

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