Every job has physical hazards. A grocery clerk can drop a case of cat food on her foot. A nurse can catch an illness from a patient. I think just about every job can be physically uncomfortable, either from an accident or repetitive movements. Writing is no different. Sitting in front of a computer, typing, can produce all kinds of aches and pains.

I usually try to add some exercise into my daily routine. By exercise I mean aerobics or lifting weights. For many years I have looked at those things as the best way to stay in shape. Many times I have rolled my eyes at yoga. The twisting into a human pretzel stuff looked more like torture than exercise to me. Then I started writing my mystery novel and I developed a very sore neck. The pain radiated into my shoulders and turning my head took my breath away sometimes. I found a stretching video on YouTube and got some much-appreciated relief from the pain and muscle tightness. Turns out that many of the stretches are yoga-based.

Since I couldn’t argue with the results I was feeling, I decided to search out some beginners yoga videos on YouTube. I tried a few and was delighted when I tried the ones from the Yoga With Adriene channel. I thought yoga was about striking a pose and holding it. Adriene’s approach is to ease into the poses and even move around a bit, so you can feel comfortable and work out those muscle knots and kinks. As she says, “get juicy.” Thanks to her videos I am now hooked on yoga. It’s becoming an essential part of my wellness routine. Below is one of Adriene’s videos for one of my favorite poses Cat-Cow.

Do you do yoga? If so, what are some of your favorite poses?

4 thoughts on “Counteracting The Pain Of Writing

  1. You should try Tai Chi! It’s all about slow movements….and its fun. I like Yoga, but I’ve only done it in a class once (I have back limitations with flexibility) but I love yoga on the Wii.

    1. I’ve never tried Tai Chi. After doing yoga a bit, I can see where it would be very helpful though.

  2. I am like you…or like you were. Yoga conjured up images of contortions that I thought were for young people, not someone who has had zero experience with yoga. Will certainly check out the video. Goodness knows I need to stretch more. Stupid office job! I have to make myself climb the stairs just get moving…

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