Food goes with writing like butter goes with toast. Or something like that. At least in my world. Lately I’ve been working on a lot of stories and I seem to have developed specific food preferences for each one. I certainly didn’t intend to do this, but after working on three writing projects in about a 3 week period I realized I had inadvertently developed a bit of a foodie ritual associated with each project.

While revising my culinary mystery I needed Girl Scout Samoa (caramel + coconut) flavored non-dairy creamer in my coffee. When my little, local grocery store ran out of that flavor I switched to the Creme Brulee flavor. While I have coffee every day, it has been well over a year since I’ve had non-dairy creamers. The whole non-dairy, but still appears to be dairy, thing freaks me out a bit. I mean, what kind of chemicals are in them? As soon as I was done revising the novel I easily switched back to my usual cane sugar and a splash of 2% milk additions to coffee.

Next I began working on a short story that was darker and had a completely different tone than the cozy mystery. This project left me craving snacks that were the polar opposite of each other. Mikta, pickled wild cucumbers, that I buy in big jars from a Mediterranean grocery store. They are crunchy, salty, mildly sour and a bit spicy from the chili pepper in the bottom of each jar. If I wasn’t craving those for a snack, I went with Cinnamon Pecan Special K cereal.

This week I started on a women’s fiction novelette. I ended up writing over 10,000 words in 2 1/2 days. I started each day with a big bowl of farina (cream of wheat hot cereal/porridge) made with cinnamon, butter and demerara cane sugar. For lunch I made rice bowls in my trusty, little 4-cup rice cooker. Asparagus and bacon bits were always included. Button mushrooms, too, until I ran out of them on the third day.

So, those are my foodie talismans and rituals pinned to my writing projects, even though I’m not superstitious. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I am. Next I’m I’ll be working on the culinary mystery again, so I’ll see if I crave the Samoa creamer or if my tastes change for this round of revisions. Do you ever get food obsessions and eat the same thing over and over?

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9 thoughts on “Food Goes With Writing Like . . .

  1. I haven’t noticed any foodie patterns in my work or writing life, though I do have the same issue with the non-diary creamers…what is in that stuff!

  2. Oh yeah, I LOVE the cinnamon pecan Special K. I eat it every single morning even if I plan a big breakfast later with bacon and eggs. Totally going to try the rice and asparagus with bacon. That sounds comforting and healthy to boot.

    Looking forward to your culinary mysteries.

  3. Fun!! The only similar thing I can think of for me is when I’m working on big editing deadlines, a huge bowl of popcorn is what I crave.

  4. What a fun and interesting post. Eating certain foods with each project is like listening to the same music — it gets you back into a certain mental groove. I’m not quite as specialized as you are — I reach for dark chocolate whenever I need to get going with my writing. 🙂

  5. I have no idea Samoa creamer existed – YUM! I’m with Diane @ Bookchickdi – I get stuck on one obsessions and then get sick of it out of nowhere and move onto something new! This winter it’s been white beans, kale, and escarole!

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