A new month always holds a bit of excitement. A new beginning. A new page on the calendar. With the way my April went, I am very glad to see we’re already to Cinco de Mayo.

I had dental problems throughout most of April. I was only able to awkwardly chew food on the right side of my mouth for three weeks. Lots of soft food found its way into my diet. Yes, I could’ve added more variety, but since it was so difficult I didn’t really feel like eating much. It certainly wasn’t pleasurable. And I didn’t feel like blogging about food when I could barely eat it.

On top of that Cooper, my Golden Retriever, was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. He went on medication and the change was remarkable as he went from couch potato to happy and energetic again. Unfortunately he also showed signs of the medication dosage being too high, so we’ve been working at dialing it back down. A bit of a bumpy road, but he’ll feel so much better once we find the sweet spot dosage.

So I’m happy that it’s a new month. That my tooth is fixed and that Cooper is on the mend. Here’s to hoping that May will be a very good month.

6 thoughts on “Life Lemons and Soft Food

  1. I am so glad to hear that Cooper is feeling better. I hope you are able to eat on both sides of your mouth and better than soft food now. 🙂 April was a tough month.

    1. Yes, the thyroid medicine are Happy Pills for Cooper. Amazing his change in mood, but the side effects are a bit scary since the dosage is too high. Just let his system clear out for a few days and starting over. I can eat with my entire mouth now. So happy to be able to chew crunchy vegetables again. 🙂

  2. That was a month I know you are glad to see end. Nothing like mouth issues to dampen your entire day. Now eat crunchy foods like tacos and carrots and enjoy pulling on a slice of pizza!

    Happy to hear Cooper is doing better. I know what that’s like, dealing with doggie meds and worrying about them. He’s so cute.

    1. I am so happy to be able to eat what I want! Steak salad yesterday, lots of cucumbers, etc. We’re all happy to see Cooper feeling better. My son has commented over and over that Cooper is just so happy again now that he’s on the medication.

    1. Still not sure if the dosage for Cooper’s meds is correct yet, but he is doing much better. Goldens are awesome dogs, aren’t they? 🙂

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