Bugs! I think the universe is telling me that I need to incorporate bugs into a story. It’s one of those things. Life hands you inspiration on a silver platter, if you take the time to notice. Unfortunately, the entree being served to my creativity right now is a bug casserole.

It began on Memorial Weekend, when my family and I took a day trip up to Mackinaw City. As soon as we got out of the truck, at the waterside park, we were enveloped by a swarm of insects. Not sure what they were. They kind of looked like mosquitoes, but without vampiric tendencies. With so many of them flying around I got a serious case of the heebie jeebies, twitching and swatting even though none of them landed on me. On the way home, while driving along the Lake Huron shoreline we passed under several clouds. Not of smoke, which I thought the clouds were at first. No, these clouds hovering over the road were made of insects. Thank goodness the swarms were quite high over the roadway or the windshield would’ve been covered in squished bug goo.

The Straits of Mackinaw. Where the first attack occurred.

But, oh, my friends. This tale of creepy insecticidal encounters isn’t over. During the past week I have noticed pings and thumps on the living room window as I sit up reading at night. The reflection of the lamps on the window glass makes it almost impossible to see what is launching the kamikaze-style attacks. Then, last night, as I worked my way to the other end of the house to go to bed, I turned on lights in various rooms and immediately was greeted by a flurry of thunks on the windows. As I walked past the window next to my bed I finally got a glimpse of the noisy wannabe invaders. June Bugs. Huge, brown beetles clinging to the screen or slamming into the glass. I swear, those suckers looked like they could’ve ripped their way through the window screen. Ugh. So nice (not really) to go to bed knowing they were congregating literally a foot away from my bed.

Dear Writing Muses,

I realize you want me to write about insects. I will try to incorporate some into a story soon. In the meantime, please stop sending hints. Okay? Thanks!



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  1. Wow…reading this … all I could envision was a Hitchcockian story like The Birds! 🙂 I really love the look of June Bugs….odd I know. I haven’t actually seen one in person in a very long time though…but my wood bees are driving me crazy!

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