As I was cruising the internet a few days ago I came across a post on Food 52 that piqued my interest. The author of the post used strawberry trimmings (tops, leaves, stems) to make a subtle, strawberry infused water. Intriguing. I’ve always liked to drink infused waters, but using the leaves in the water? The next day my daughter picked a huge bowl of berries from our garden and I divided the tops between two Mason jars. One was just the tops and to the other jar I added a couple sprigs of orange mint. I strained the water a few hours later and it was fabulous!

The water was tinted a very light pink. It smelled of strawberries and tasted like them, too. Not like strawberry juice, but just a nice hint to make the water much more appealing than normal. I especially loved the one with added mint. My daughter trimmed today’s batch of berries and put about twice as many trimmings in a jar. That water turned a vivid pink after a few hours soaking and, of course, had a more pronounced strawberry taste.

I have to say this is one of those brilliant, “a ha” things for me. While I will certainly drink plain water, this is such a nice, refreshing way to make it more palatable. Plus, it makes use of something I would normally throw away. Do you make infused water? If you do, what flavors do you make?

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20 thoughts on “Strawberry Essence Water

  1. I drink water like it’s my job! Doug teases me because I always have two small bottles of water on my desk. I like the idea of a natural way to have infused water. Great idea!

    Also, happy to hear you are getting lots of strawberries. Ours have dried up. It’s this obnoxious heat.

    1. I really like how this water can change up the usual, plain water routine so easily. It’s been quite cool here and it looks like the berries are loving the weather. 🙂

  2. I just recently discovered this trick myself. I’ve been using strawberries but plan to do this all summer with whatever fresh fruit is available at the farmer’s market.

    1. I’m wondering what this would be like with peaches, maybe the peel and a one sliced up. I just had never thought of including the leaves until I read the Food52 post.

    1. My family is loving the strawberries from our garden. Love not having to buy them this year.

    1. I was at an outdoor market this morning and saw a baker offering this water free to her customers. Small world. Didn’t know about this until a few days ago and now I see it “in the wild”. 🙂

    1. I really liked this when I added the mint. I bet you would like it too considering you like cucumber and mint.

    1. Yes, it’s wonderful on hot days. A nice alternative to iced tea or water…or iced coffee in my case. 🙂

  3. I’ve never tried this! What an ingenious way to use those strawberry trimmings ‘for good!’ I’m trying it the next time I get strawberries (very possibly tomorrow morning at the farmer’s market).

    1. I love being able to use every part of the strawberries. However thought of this first is a genius, I think. I saw a vendor at a craft fair with a big jar of this, giving small cups of it away to customers.

    1. My patch is producing enough that I can freeze some since we’ve all gotten our fill of fresh ones from the first couple pickings.

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