It’s the last month of summer vacation. I’m feeling more than a bit frazzled between what seems to be a never ending lineup of appointments, getting the kids ready for school, several writing deadlines and the general busyness of family life. So I’ve decided to try some fill in the blank-style micro blog posts. Little check ins detailing some of the more interesting parts of my rather ordinary life. So without further ado, here is micro blog post #1.




Reading…The Art of Neil Gaiman by Hayley Campbell (thanks Serena!)
Watching…house finches eating the grape jelly in my oriole feeder
Cooking…Farina for my breakfast
Eating…Lots of salads with roasted mushrooms
Drinking…Faygo Rock & Rye cream cola
Writing…(actually editing) a Culinary Competition holiday short story
Listening…to lots of traffic noise since I now live on a detour route
Loving…the cooler than normal summer temperatures
Hating…my allergies
Considering…recipes to include with the short story
Feeling…lazy…it’s Friday
Planning…to refinish the antique Ship Captain’s Desk my husband bought me when I finished writing Pies & Peril

5 thoughts on “Currently… Post #1

    1. Thank you, Karen! It has definitely been an exciting July and it seems to be continuing into August.

  1. I agree with Serena, would love to see photos of that beautiful desk. I like this blog post. Succinct and we all get where you are, what you eating, reading etc. you should start a monthly meme like that , mini blogging and have us hook up.

    I just finished reading The Silkworm and can finally start reading on my new Kindle. Excited 🙂

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