Sep 042014

Giveaway coming soon for…wine bottle shaped UMBRELLAS!

Routines aren’t sexy or exciting, but they sure are productive. My kids went back to school on Tuesday. They’re getting used to homework every night again. Me? I’m getting used to writing every day again.

This week has the sparkly shininess of things to come…i.e. I am completely unfocused because I am so excited. It’s hard to walk in a straight line when you are doing a crazy Happy Dance. :) Besides that, I’ve had a sick husband and a sick doggy this week. While I haven’t had time to set up a giveaway, I will be doing several soon.


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  1. I hope the routine returns to you quickly. I hear you about being unfocused…I’m falling into my Sept. blues!

  2. Yeah, I would have never guessed umbrellas. You are very creative!!
    It’s good to get back to a routine :-)