I live in a state that you have to want to come to. Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes on three sides, which are basically inland seas that can produce ocean-like conditions and have the shipwrecks to prove it. So unless you want to go from Canada to Wisconsin, across the Upper Peninsula, you can’t just pass through it on your way to somewhere else. The road trip equivalent of a dead end street. Still, foodie TV shows seem to love this state.

Anthony Bourdain has visited Detroit for several of his series. An Ann Arbor chef competed on Top Chef. The Food Network has visited for shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Cupcake Wars and Food Court Wars. Last night one of my favorite food destinations was on The Cooking Channel’s Donut Showdown.

Cops & Doughnuts is a bakery in Clare, Michigan that is actually owned by cops. When the town’s bakery was in danger of closing a group of cops decided to buy it. The bakery went from small and struggling to being a destination with lines out the door at some times. My family and I have been there many times to enjoy things like The Squealer (an unfilled Long John with maple glaze topped with a strip of bacon) to giant apple fritters that can easily be shared by two people but are so good you don’t want to share.

Last night, head baker Dave and his assistant Katie took on a shipwrecked theme and came up with the Donut Showdown win! Congrats to the Cops & Doughnuts crew. They’ve worked hard to grow what has become a doughnut empire in the state, with multiple “substations” scattered throughout central Michigan. If you ever get a chance to try their baked goods, please do. I’m sure you’ll love them.

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  1. I love to support local businesses and I would hope this is a great success. Count me in to support the business if I ever get up to Clare!

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