Like every writer I know, I have a lot of books. A LOT of books. Book hoarding is an affliction of many writers. I hold on to books that I’ve read and I keep around books that are no longer useful to me…for no good reason. It’s time to find those under-utilized books a new home! So here’s how I’ll be doing that:

Every month I will do a blog post with a picture of a collection of books that need loving, new owners. A winner will be chosen from my newsletter subscribers. That person will get to choose the book of their choice. Easy, right? No need to leave a comment or fill out a long entry form. Just be a newsletter subscriber and you are automatically entered to win every month. Pssst…if you don’t subscribe to my newsletter you can sign up below.

I’m going to start out the inaugural contest with one of my favorite kinds of books…cookbooks! Check them out above. Some of these are like new and a few have been “loved”, but all of the recipes work fine. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Raid My Bookshelves Giveaway

  1. Such a great idea. So glad I subscribe and have an opportunity to potentially try a collection of new recipes.

  2. Cookbooks are also my favorite book to buy. I love the thought of being able to take a little of this and little of that and coming up with something that tastes good. The books you have shown here are similar to the ones I would put on my shelf.

  3. I owe you an email, lots going on but I know you have been slam
    Busy too! I have been scheduling posts but haven’t been on the computer more than once a week. Talk to you soon

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