In Doughnuts & Deadly Schemes Amy is helping plan her best friend’s wedding. While the bride, Carla, is a skilled ER nurse, her cooking skills are minimal. Throughout the book Amy tries to come up with the perfect wedding gift for her BFF.

To celebrate the release of the third book in my Culinary Competition Mystery Series, I’m giving away one of the presents! It includes one of my all-time favorite cookbooks, How To Eat by Nigella Lawson. This book has plenty of recipes, but it’s conversational writing style helps put even novice cooks at ease to try their hand at cooking from it. There is also an adorable, small bamboo cutting board with matching recipe cards, a colorful whisk, and a spatula with a bite taken out of it (because that’s how Amy rolls). If you would like to win Carla’s wedding present, just use the Rafflecopter below. Sorry, U.S. only due to shipping.
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155 thoughts on “Carla’s Wedding Present Giveaway

  1. The best wedding present we received was the down payment for our house (which is still our home today 37 years later).

  2. The best wedding present we were given was almost 41 years ago and it was love from our family and friends.

  3. I received a trivet that I used for 30 years and now passed it down to my daughter.

  4. Hard to describe, but it’s a photo/picture I found online made up on common objects (lamp post, etc.) used to make the letters and numbers for their wedding day. Sounds weird but have given it twice and both couples loved it.

  5. My younger sisters embroidered tea towels for me. They were teenagers so this was pretty impressive. Though a bit worn now (it’s been a few decades), I still have them and use them occasionally.

  6. These look like amazing gifts to give or receive. I’d love to win! Then would be the hard choice of keeping them for myself or sharing with others. 🙂

  7. Best wedding present we received was all the help with friends and family to make our wedding special with all their help and love. That was over 17 years ago.

  8. We received a steamer, something neither one of us would have thought to ask for, & we are still using it 17 years later. We love stuffed peppers the most but use it for lots of goodies 🙂 Thanks for offering such a fun giveaway!

  9. I have never been married nor have I had to buy a wedding present but someone I know said they saw somebody give a couple a big trash can full of items they would need like cleaning supplies and small items that they could use so they would not have to buy it themselves and I thought that was a pretty good idea.

  10. I have never been married (yet), but since I am older my parents went ahead and got me what they would have gotten me if I had gotten married and that was a living room set. It was/is perfect as they are exactly what I would have picked out. I haven’t attended many weddings, but when I did I always gave them money so they could get what they needed for their new home.

  11. The best wedding present we received was our wedding reception given to us by my parents.

    1. I made up a basket for my sister-in-law to be with family recipes, spices and herbs to go with them and a collection of small kitchen tools and gadgets along with some pretty kitchen towels. She was elated with it because of the family recipes she knew my brother enjoyed.

  12. I think the best wedding gift we received was our Honeymoon paid for by others. We had a blast!

  13. The best wedding gift i received was a beautiful deep platter. Thank you so much for offering a neat giveaway.

  14. I love these books in this series!! Thank you for the chance to win and the items are soooo cute!! They will go nicely with my kitchen addiction!!

  15. I think the best present I gave was to my cousin when he got married. A brass doorknocker in the shape of a Celtic claddagh (two hands holding a crowned heart). They loved it!

  16. The best wedding gift I received was new kitchen appliances. It was long overdue for sure.

  17. The best wedding present we got was a very beautiful frame for our marriage certificate.

  18. The best gift was a Kitchenaid mixer. It takes the place of several other kitchen tools.

  19. The best wedding present I ever gave happened 3 times.
    I performed 3 different wedding ceremonies while I was a notary in the state of FL.

  20. After 48 years of marriage, I still remember the funniest wedding gift we received. It was a long nightgown for two. Both of us were supposed to fit inside it. And – no – we never tried it. I’m sure it would have been way too hot. But it was a hoot!

  21. the best thing I gave was a letter of love and it contain a list of things to do and not to do which was meant to be funny

  22. Oops! Forgot my wedding gift! It was a cross stitched picture with our hands and wedding rings. A friend did it from one of our wedding pictures! It’s beautiful!

  23. Would love to win.! Sounds like a great book with great receipe’s!!! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  24. I’ve always given from the couple’s wish list, so while maybe not great or fantastic, I know it’s just what they wanted.

  25. I’vw never been married, but I think the best wedding presents I’ve given we’re scratch-baked cakes (thank you, Cake Bible!) for two different couples.

    Which is why the bitten spatula kind of has me scratching my head. What’s the point of the bite out?

  26. Love the books, and the best presents we got were gift cards, great since if we got duplicates that was good and no exchanging better

  27. I love this giveaway. I haven’t been to many weddings. My family isn’t very close and we usually hear that someone got married after the fact. Good luck everyone.

  28. Best give was a bucket full of kitchen gadgets such as paring knife strawberry capper. Cheese cutter. Etc

  29. the best present was everything I would need to make and serve a spaghetti dinner, the pasta, sauce, strainer, pot, service utensils, and a long basket for the garlic bread

  30. My favorite wedding gift (51 years ago) was a purple cow cookie jar from my mother. As a child I always loved the poem. (I never saw a purple cow, I never hope to see one, but I can tell you any how, I rather see than be one)

  31. I was married over 40 years ago and the one present I still remember was a hand made quilt that the ladies of the church made for us.

  32. The best present my husband & I gave was to our sons when they got married. We opened our house & back yard for the reception and paid for all the alcohol, beer, & soda for everyone. Believe me, they were both very thankful since the bill for all that was quite expensive. Lol

  33. Fun books, food ideas, mysteries to solve–what more can we ask? Can’t wait for this one.

  34. I think probably the pots and pans I got along with iron skilletts was the best gift. Your book sounds like a fun read.

  35. I have never been married so no wedding gifts received and I have never been to a wedding so I haven’t given anything to anyone either. That’s pretty sad isn’t it.

  36. I don’t recall the best wedding present that I have ever given. I just buy something off the registry.

  37. A 3 Qt. measuring cup!! 25 yrs. later, it’s still one of the most used things in my kitchen!

  38. The best gift I ever gave was to my dearest friends and cat lovers. It was Lenox cat figurines that were dressed in a bridal gown and tuxedo!

  39. I gave the couple a set of crystal glasses that they really wanted. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  40. A hot dog warming carnival wagon I gave to my nephew. His wife is an elementary school teacher.

  41. Having everyone that you care about being well enough to attend your wedding. Gifts are not as important.

  42. The best present would have to be continous gifts from both my mother and mother-m-law. I love to get care packages of kitchen gadgets, pyrex and crockpots and then they send foods I can’t get where I lived, local gardiniera, sausages, spices etc

  43. I’m forever a spinster, so haven’t received any wedding gifts. I’m having a hard time thinking of the best gift I gave though. Typically I just get something practical off their registry or a gift card. I did however make one of my good friends a couple wedding shower goodies… poem about the couple that I made into laminated bookmarks (including their engagement photo,) and personalized some Hershey’s chocolate bars wrappings for all the attendees. =)

  44. I gave my stepdaughter and her fiancee a laundry basket filled with cleaning and laundry supplies along with items from their Walmart Registry

  45. I think it was actually a shower gift, a recipe binder with some favorite family recipes inside, and plenty of blank pages for more.

  46. I love buying wedding gifts. I usually do a kitchen theme and them get them baking supplies. Always a hit!

  47. There books sound really fun to read. I would love to win one, I usually get a gift card from their store of choice. That way they can combine any other gift cards and get something bigger they really want.

  48. The best I’ve received was a fabulous slow cooker, and huge lidded skillet, that actually matched well enough to look like a set. 🙂

  49. My husband’s best friend owned a diner and knew I made a lot of but had no mixer. So he gave us a stand mixer for our wedding and couldn’t bake without it now!

  50. We got a 12″ TV which was nice since we didn’t have one and couldn’t afford one, we spent all our
    money on the wedding.

  51. My favorite wedding present I received was a set of basic cookbooks! The series includes a book for everything! Even one for baking bread.

  52. The best present I’ve given is probably the cross stitch wedding records that I do for loved ones. I think it makes the wedding just that much more special for the bride and groom.

  53. It’s been so long since my wedding. . . almost 40 years. . . don’t remember a favorite wedding gift. . .:)

  54. I am so excited that I found you! I love finding new authors and being able to read their series. While I like stand alone books, I prefer to read series. This is a wonderful giveaway and I thank you for having it. Hope you are having a lovely day!

  55. Boring but accurate economist’s answer: Money is invariably best, as it can be transformed into anything at all.

  56. I think the best gift I have ever given someone, were gift cards to different restaurants, so that they could have a date night once a month for a year to enjoy their relationship.

  57. As always, I couldn’t stop until I finished your book. I have the bags under my eyes to prove it. The best wedding gift I ever received was a daughter who’s meant the world to me for these hast 30+ years. Love you, Mylena! Money is good, but kids are better!

  58. I use to sell Pampered Chef. My niece loved the gift we gave them-a collapsable bowl, double bladed chopping scissors, grater, mini cutting boarad/knife, a salad cookbook and an assortment of other goodies to help make great salads (she’s and LPN/marathon runner and they love salads)

  59. This sounds like a really fun book & series to read. I’d better get started on it. 🙂 I usually give money as wedding presents, so the couple can get or do what they would like. That is what I got for my wedding presents. Thank you for the giveaway.

  60. Love your books, the best Wedding present we received was a Counter Rotisserie, thanks for the Giveaway.

  61. We gave our son and future daughter-in-law the money for the down payment on their house.

  62. The cookbook I received began a collection which is still going strong at 54 years. I also give
    cookbooks as wedding gifts.

    Pat C.

  63. The best gift I received was my mixer I wanted… the best gift I gave was a kitchen basket full of odds and ends things no one things of until afterwards.. mixing bowl set, measuring cups and spoons, wooden utensils and rubber spatulas, dish towels and scrubber, pot holders and pads, a bottle of wine, spices, and 2 wine glasses with their first names on them. ohh.. almost forgot and chocolate sauce.

  64. My grandmother made a cookbook of family recipies and a dear friend and neighbor of my husband’s family crochet an edging for a town and rag. She was in her late 90’s and it was the last piece she crochet and it was very painful for her to complete that set but she wanted her gift to be full of love.

  65. My husband sent me surprise flowers while I was getting ready with a note telling me how excited he was.

  66. I received a Prosperity Tree as a wedding gift and it has been one of my favorite things over the years.

  67. What a nice collection of cooking-related gifts to bundle together as a wedding present!

  68. What a great giveaway.
    The best wedding gift I received was a paid honeymoon from my grandparents.

  69. The best wedding gift came from my grandfather in law who was 95. I asked him to make me a hope chest. It was absolutely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever received. Thank you

  70. Best wedding gift I ever gave was a framed picture of the toast I never got to give at my sister’s wedding because I went from brother-of-the-bride to officiant and people decided I’d had enough to say, haha.

  71. Too long ago to remember a special gift, but this giveaway is great!! Thanks for the chance to win it!

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