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Since my new book is Fudge Brownies & Murder, I figured brownies would be the perfect thing to giveaway to celebrate the release. And these aren’t just any kind of brownies. No, they’re made in a miniature cast iron skillet that you can use over and over to make ooey, gooey brownies for two (or one). Use the Rafflecopter below to enter for your chance to win. I’ll choose a winner after Christmas. Good luck!

U.S. entrants only, please.


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  1. My favorite brownie is the standard chewy with walnuts. Yum!

  2. I don’t now a brownie that I don’t like….but my favorite is cake brownies with chocolate icing on top sprinkled with nuts. Congrats on your new book release!

  3. I love any type of brownie….as long as there is plenty of chocolate, I’m happy!!

  4. A death-by-chocolate type with walnuts, starting with a crunchy corner piece.

  5. I love chocolate but especially brownies. We read new book today. Love the other ones .

  6. Fudgy brownies with plenty of chocolate chips.

  7. Triple chocolate is my favorite.

  8. I love cream cheese brownies

  9. Warm brownies with caramel and ice cream.

  10. My favorite type of brownie is any kind with nuts.

  11. My favorite brownie is a microwave brownie recipe that I found several years ago. From the time you think “I want a brownie” until you are eating a fresh brownie made from scratch is about 15 minutes.

  12. My favorite brownie is a fudge brownie with cream cheese icing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Congratulations on your new book, I’m looking forward to reading it, the brownies look good, thanks for the chance to win,
    Merry Christmas!

  14. I like any kind of brownie as long as its not burnt 😉

  15. I love triple chocolate brownies.

  16. I love peanut butter chocolate brownies.

  17. Dark chocolate brownies.

  18. My favorite brownies are the chewy and I add chocolate chips to the batter before I bake them.

  19. I love chewy brownies.

  20. My favorite are the fudgy peanut butter swirl cake brownies.

  21. Deep Chocolate Brownies.

  22. My favorite brownie recipe has pure cocoa and and cream cheese swirls.

  23. Dark chocolate & fudgy!!

  24. Love double chocolate chunk brownies. :)

  25. I love just about any kind of brownies and I love making them too.

  26. Dark chocolate, chewy brownies with walnuts

  27. Any Brownie that is 🍫 chocolate and yummy.

  28. I love a soft, chewy brownie and chocolate frosting on top. Totally decadent! Thanks for this adorably yummy giveaway!

  29. Any brownie is a good brownie, especially warm…

  30. I like chocolate brownies with nuts, the crunchy outside, my hubby likes the chewy inside so it works perfectly!

  31. Soft, moist and chewy brownies

  32. fudge

  33. all of them

  34. I like soft, fudgy brownies.

  35. Chocolate brownies with almonds are my favorite and even better with chocolate frosting an inch thick on top!

  36. I love any chewy brownie with nuts. Doesn’t have to be a fancy pants just a simple brownie.

  37. Triple chocolate/dried cherry brownies. It’s a tweaked version of the mid-70’s edition of “Joy of Cooking” Brownies Cockaigne. It’s so popular with my Roller Derby crew that they have dubbed them “Boxy’s Infamous Brownies”!!

    However, in all the years I have been baking (well over 50!), I’ve never heard of skillet brownies. It would be very interesting to win and be able to see what they are all about!!

  38. I like my brownies with chocolate chips

  39. My favorite brownies are Hershey’s dark fudge brownies with walnuts!

  40. How wonderful! Looking forward to reading this.

  41. I love brownies with nuts in them, warmed up and served with vanilla ice cream!

  42. Thanks for a nice giveaway and the pic of the Golden in the background.
    I like dark chocolate, chewy brownies.

  43. I love all kind’s but my favorite German Chocolate cream cheese brownies!!

  44. I just love brownies with a crunchy top and gooey inside

  45. A chewy, fudgey brownie.

  46. My favorite kind of brownie is peanut butter fudge!

  47. My favorite Brownie is one that is moist & gooey.

  48. Brownies with miniatures kisses in them.

  49. i don’t know the many kinds but i like fudge brownies

  50. I like my brownies soft and slightly gooey in the center, with chocolate chips.

  51. Cherry ones. My grandma used to bake then with maraschino cherries.

  52. Fudgy, gooey almost to the point of undercooked, with chocolate chunks. Okay, now I want one!

  53. My favorite kind of brownie is one I make, which I refer to as an “adult” brownie. Kids love them, but prefer regular ones to my Kathy Bars. A homemade blonde brownie with gooey toffee & chocolate chips. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

  54. I love ALL brownies but if I had to pick a favorite, I would choose a thick, gooey one with lots of icing and some walnuts, too, of course! Thank you for the contest! Merry Christmas!

  55. My favorite kind of brownie is a really gooey fudge one with no nuts!

  56. I like chewy chocolate brownies with walnuts.

  57. Fudge Brownies are my favorite.

  58. My favorite is Milk Chocolate brownies with chocolate icing and on top sprinkles

  59. I’m partial to the ‘blondies’!

  60. Brownies with mini chocolate chips and toffee (Heath Bar) bits

  61. Brownies with mini chocolate chips and toffee (Heath Bar) bits

  62. Dark chocolate with peanut butter.. Merry Christmas.

  63. Gooey brownies with chocolate chunks are the kind of love making the most. :)
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this delicious giveaway!
    Have a very merry Christmas.

  64. I love caramel pretzel brownies. Thanks for the opportunity.


  66. Mmm brownies are so delicious! My favorite is just a simple classic fudge-y brownie with vanilla ice cream on top!

  67. I absolutely love having fun with my brownies, adding candy or peanut butter. I also enjoy making brownies my mom can have, she is gluten intolerant.

  68. Frosted ones.

  69. Just a regular soft chewy brownie.

  70. All of them LOL I’m a brownie kind of girl, but I’m especially partial to the dark chocolate with walnuts.

  71. Skillet brownies? Sounds great day easy! I’m all about the “easy!”

  72. I love pretty much any kind but love death by chocolate brownies and german chocolate are another favorite.

  73. I love any brownie without coconut. My favorites are cream cheese brownies and peanut butter brownies!

  74. Fudge with extra chocolate chips in it and salted caramel on top

  75. I love peanut butter brownies. I like using the mini Resees peanut butter cups and mixing them with the batter. It’s like getting a little flavor surprise in each bite.

  76. My favorite brownies are chewy and warm. <3

  77. Brownies must be dark chocolate and have loads of walnuts.

  78. I love all chocolate brownies and my favorite part is the corners and edges, the crispier the better.

  79. I love a hot fudge brownie with ice cream.

  80. Chocolate cherry

  81. Double fudge chocolate brownies (warmed) with vanilla bean ice cream

  82. My favorite brownie is a fudge brownie. Although I’ve never had one I didn’t like.

  83. Coffee bean chocolate chunk with walnuts topped with ice cream, whipped cream and melted dark chocolate

  84. what a nice gift…love brownies

  85. Chocolate Raspberry is my favorite

  86. My favorite brownie had chocolate chips and pecans.

  87. Love brownies with nuts. Great promotional giveaway idea!

  88. My favorite brownie is the regular cake-like brownies, with or without nuts. Either way is fine with me, though I do like to put a scoop of ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream on top! Yummy!!

  89. Chocolate chip brownies. Oh yum. Now I want some!!!!

  90. I love brownies. Especially if they are real chocolatey and gooey!

  91. I love a nice fudgey brownie with a praline icing.

  92. Black Bean Blender Brownies, made with black beans of course.

  93. I like chewy brownies with pecans and chocolate frosting.
    Oh, rats, now I’m hungry!

  94. I love the Ghirardelli brownies that are double chocolate and the ones with dark chocolate.

  95. Love brownies…I’ve never made them in a skillet, but I’d willing to try just to get to eat those little yummies!

  96. Dark chocolate cream cheese brownies with walnuts

  97. Chocolate with walnuts.

  98. I love frosted chocolate nut brownies.

  99. I love fudge brownies with a peppermint flavoring.

  100. I love a brownie with lots of chocolate & nuts!

  101. My favorite brownie is chocolate with cream cheese swirled through. My next favorite is a blonde brownie which tastes like brown sugar yumminess.

  102. I love brownies, without nuts. (I’m allergic) Love it when there is extra chocolate chunks added!

  103. i love caramel cream cheese brownies

  104. I love all the brownies ,but I put chopped pecans in all I make . Yum Yum!!

  105. I love chocolate brownies with chocolate frosting. I usually like them without nuts.

  106. My favorite is a chocolate brownie with lots of nuts in it and on top.

  107. Any kind of brownie!!!!

  108. My favorite is a chewy brownie with walnuts

  109. I haven;t met a brownie I didn’t like, but if I had to choose…….dark chocolate with lots of frosting

  110. All kinds of brownies as long as they are chewy and gooey.

  111. I like the regular brownie with any kind of nuts.

  112. plain brownies!

  113. I like to add chocolate chips and pecans to my brownies.

  114. I love all kinds of brownies! Frosted ones especially! 😀😁

  115. My favorite brownies are mint flavored, double chocolate, but I honestly love any kind of brownies.

  116. My favorite brownie is a cake brownie filled full with walnuts and frosted with mint buttercream. Yum!

  117. DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP Brownie are the only one I like

  118. My favorite is the Caramel Pecan Brownies with Caramel drizzled over the top of the batter and is baked into the brownie.

  119. I like brownies with nuts in them the best!!

  120. I love chocolate brownies!! Thank you for the chance congrats on the new book

  121. My favorite Brownie is just a regular brownie with icing

  122. semi-sweet, no nuts, no coconut

  123. i love dark chocolate and walnut brownies.

  124. My favorite brownies are triple chocolate brownies, the more chocolate the better.

  125. any chocolate brownie will do

  126. love milk chocolate brownies

  127. I like double chocolate fudge with marshmallows brownies and a big glass of milk

  128. I like dark chocolate brownies with walnuts

  129. Chocolate Chip brownie

  130. Is it possible to have ONE favorite type of brownie? The chocoholic in me loves, brownies with whipped peanut butter frosting, turtle brownies (with caramel and nuts) and Zebra brownies with swirled cream cheese. I’ve never heard of skillet brownies but would love to try some.

  131. Anything Chocolate. And nuts.

  132. I love fudgy, chewy brownies with nuts. They are so good especially fresh from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzled over it. Yum!!

  133. Chocolate brownies are my favorite.

  134. My favorite brownie is a chocolate chip blonde brownie

  135. It would be nice to make brownies in a new skillet!

  136. Gooey brownies with lots of walnuts!

  137. I love walnut brownies!

  138. Dark chocolate with chocolate chips.

  139. My favorite brownies have peanut butter chips in them.

  140. favorite kind of brownie – the ones that are vanilla with nuts. I think they are called blondies. I am a chocoholic when it comes with dairy though – like chocolate pudding or chocolate milk.

  141. Blondies by far.

  142. What brownie isn’t my favorite would be easier to answer, LOL. I love the basic chocolate gooey brownie, but I have had a coffee flavored which was also yummy, then anything with caramel added is excellent. I think I need to go make some brownies now.

  143. I LOVE salted caramel brownies! YUMMMMMMMS!

  144. Just love Fudge Brownies! Thanks for sharing

  145. I love chewy fudge brownies. Or thin, crispy yet chewy, warm brownies. Or turtle brownies with caramel and walnuts. Or pecan brownies. Or peanut butter fudgy brownies. Mmmmmm. ..brownies. I need a brownie now, hope I have the ingredients!

  146. I love all brownies as long as they are chewy and not cakey. Look forward to your new release. Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Holidays!

  147. Moist with nuts. NO icing. Ever.

  148. I love all brownies, but I love them even more hot with ice cream dripping off the sides.

  149. Chewy brownies with or without nuts

  150. Though I was raised on 4-H cocoa brownies, I prefer the sort made with baking chocolate– even unto their crusty geological appearance.

  151. Brownies with white chocolate chips

  152. any kind

  153. I love all kinds of brownies. My favorites are either cheesecake swirl, cream cheese frosted or peanut butter frosted.

  154. I like dark chocolate brownies with walnuts

  155. My favorite brownies are fudge cream cheese without nuts.

  156. Warm chewy fudgy browie is my favorite.

  157. chocolate, but I do want to try mint chocolate!

  158. I like fudgy brownies with the mint fondant layer topped by chocolate frosting.

    Second would be the Mississippi Mud brownies with melted marshmallows topped with chocolate frosting.