Meditate Your Weight
By Tiffany Cruikshank
Published by Harmony Books

This book brings together two things that I, and probably many other people, would like to accomplish: a meditation practice and weight loss. The book begins with the benefits of meditating. That alone convinced me to try my hand at meditation. Not only does meditating, for as little as five to ten minutes a day, help relieve stress and other psychological issues, it can also physically affect your body by resetting an imbalanced endocrine system, reducing systemic inflation, and many other benefits.

Since weight loss is both mental and physical, this book has a 21-day “retreat” program to reboot your metabolism and attitude toward food. How? Through targeted meditations. Every day there is a new topic to meditate about, such as nourishment or vitality. There is an explanation on why the daily subject is important, followed by directions on how to do the specific meditation. Then you are asked to answer some questions in a journal to further explore the topic. Each day also has a different mantra, such as “I am healthy”, and some tips on building awareness–things to keep in mind on the subject as you go about your day.

The program is set up so that anybody can do it, even people who have never meditated before. Meditation times start out at a very doable three minutes and end after the three weeks at seventeen minutes. Then after the retreat program ends there is advice on how to continue with the meditation and weight loss journey.

I found it to be a wonderful book with a very friendly tone and lots of interesting information. It truly has made me look at meditation and struggles with weight loss differently. In fact, I began a regular meditation practice because of it.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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  1. This sounds interesting! I might end up getting it (I notice they do it on audio – do you think that might be even better than the physical book?)

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