A New Way To Dinner
By Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs
10 Speed Press

Standing in the kitchen at dinner time with a hungry family and no meal plan. A lot of people have experienced that scenario, including me. Many times the best solution turns out to be take-out. Or, if actual cooking is involved, often convenience foods such as rotisserie chicken or frozen pizza are part of the meal. Let’s face it. Putting good, fresh food on the table after working all day is hard. This cookbook offers a solution.

The basic strategy is to cook and prepare the main components of the week’s meals on the weekend, then use them throughout the week in different combinations. The book is divided into menus that go along with the four seasons to take advantage of the best produce for that time of year. Each author wrote two, week-long menus for each season. Each menu starts with a “The Week Ahead” page that details the recipes, what each dinner will feature, what work needs to be done the day of the dinner, and several brown bag lunches that can also be made. Then the reader moves on to a “Game Plan” that details which recipes should be made on the weekend and offers plenty of tips and tricks. The final component before the actual recipes is a grocery list.

Since this book is from the creators of the Food 52 website, the recipes emphasize quality ingredients. No condensed soup casseroles or frozen french fries in sight. The meals aren’t filled with the processed foods that many people may associate with getting a meal on the table quickly. Instead, the process of getting weeknight meals on the table quickly depends on a savvy prep plan. Some of the recipes included are Rosy Chicken, Stuck-Pot Rice, Garlicky Greens, and Lime Ice Cream. While simple, the recipes offer sophisticated flavors from around the world. If you have ever experienced the struggle of making meals on weeknights, this is definitely a cookbook to look into. The recipes and plans are easily modified to customize the meals to fit the tastes of any family.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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