Swirl Necklace

This is the second necklace I recently made that is filled with symbols and components that are meaningful to me. This bright and cheerful piece started with the metal spiral pendant, which I recently bought at my local new age store when I went there to experience a sound meditation event. The pendant is actually a tiny, screw-top container. It can be used to store tiny gemstone chips, a bit of perfume or essential oils, sand from a favorite beach, etc.

I intend to write down my goals and dreams on a small slip of paper and keep it inside. I believe in the power of writing down what we want to accomplish – instead of just thinking about it. Putting pen to paper ads some oomph to dreams by bringing them out of your head and into the physical world. Think of it as the first, baby step toward reaching a goal.

There were several different symbols etched on the canisters, from a goddess to this spiral. I chose the spiral because it represents the constant evolution that we all go through. Life is always changing and we grow steadily as we acquire more knowledge. Another classic meaning is that what is hidden is slowly revealed. A very appropriate symbol to adorn a container where I intend to place my dreams and desires.

While making the necklace, the first beads I picked out were the orange ones that are also spirals. To complete the color scheme I went with more citrusy colors – yellow and green. Then when it was finished, I thought of another symbolic connection that I had subconsciously used in the design. The necklace now holds even more meaning to me, even though I had chosen the beads with an aesthetic, instead of spiritual, intention.

The chakras are energy centers aligned along your spine that correspond to different things. The sacral chakra is associated with the color orange (like the spiral beads) and it contains the energy of emotions, desire, and creativity. Yellow corresponds to the solar plexus chakra which is about courage, intellect, and confidence. Green is for the heart chakra. Of course, that is all about love – of others and ourselves, plus compassion and integration.

Some really great color energies to tap into when working to fulfill a dream, don’t you think?

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  1. It looks stunning and I love the idea of the canister (I haven’t seen these – are you able to provide a link to where to get them – I like the idea of one with the Goddess on it)

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