Dragonfly Necklace

I have been fascinated with dragonflies for a long time. There is a pond in my backyard where I can often find some of the gorgeous, iridescent insects hanging out. When we owned a cabin up north, I would marvel at the ginormous ones that would hang out on the dock, getting so close that I could see every glorious detail. There’s just something magical to me about how they fly, hover, and naturally glitter in the sunshine. I really like glitter and sparkle.

One of the things that I often do when a creature shows up in my world, like a dragonfly landing next to me, is look up the symbolism and meaning. As a child I loved reading about Native American culture, so the idea of totem animals has been with me for most of my life. When I saw this pendant on Etsy, I had to have it – not only because I love them but because I now know what they symbolize.

A dragonfly is a reminder that your thoughts turn into reality. I wholeheartedly believe in this. If you focus on the bad or disappointing parts of your life, those heartbreaks will multiply. Whereas if you concentrate on the goodness and be grateful for what you have, you will attract more experiences that bring you joy. The dragonfly also represents good luck, harmony, and strength. It’s a wonderful totem animal to carry with me, especially when I want to connect with light and positive energy.