I am.

This weekend I went to The Path of Consciousness Spiritual and Writing Retreat. As we all were gathering one last time in the chapel of the conference center, I noticed those words in the stained glass.

I am still processing every wonderful thing that happened at the retreat. Those two words, literally written on the wall, sum up so many things that I learned throughout the weekend where I walked a labyrinth, recovered my energy, stretched my body with yoga, and meditated to the sound of gongs. There were so many things that I learned about myself.

I am brave and bold.

I am on the most wonderful path in my life.

I am not afraid of changes and challenges.

I am ready to explore life to the fullest.

I am excited to see what the Universe has in store for me.

I am leaping into the unknown and…

I am not afraid.

3 thoughts on “I Am

  1. A writing retreat sounds perfect about now. It’s been a long year. So glad you were able to attend yours.

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