Micah plunged her hands into the hot water. Underneath the layer of soap bubbles the ceramic bowl thumped against the metal sink as she searched for the dish rag. She glanced sideways, her attention once again drawn to the large window. It was one of the best features of the new apartment. A window on the building across the street reflected a bird, perhaps a sea gull, cruising through the clear sky. And there it was again. The elusive sunshine. A white rectangle of light painted on the hardwood floor.

She swished the dish rag around the bowl before rinsing it and setting it on the rack to dry. It had been dark and cloudy for days. The depressing grayness of winter lingered stubbornly, even though the calendar said it was spring. The sunshine was calling to her. She released the drain plug and dried her hands. The couch cushions skidded over the slick floor as she tossed them at the glowing patch. She laid down on the makeshift mattress and closed her eyes. The heat soaked into her body. The precious light chased away a bit of the fear and loneliness that had been weighing her down.

This vignette was originally published on my Tumblr blog Microcosm J